Engr. Tomas N. Orola, D.D.

Graduated at Iloilo Maritime Academy in 1974 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Maritime Engineering. Served various types of vessels and became the prime movers in the establishment of the Company . Personally meets with ex-crew and encourage them to take the required IMO courses and corresponding upgrading examinations.

OROPHIL'S Top Executive was awarded by the Maritime Engineer Officers Association in the Philippines (MEOAP) for being the Most Outstanding Marine Engineer Officer of the Year on June 16, 2002. And was recipient of the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Most Outstanding Marine Engineer Officer of the year on June 21, 2002.




Chief Engr. Alex S. Sobrevega,Ph.D

Having graduated with Stationary Marine Engineering at Iloilo School of Arts and Trade (formerly Western Visayas College of Science and Technology), Alex also finished his Bachelor's Degree in Marine Engineering at Feati University. Acquired his Master's degree in Ship Management in J.V. Lacson Maritime University in 2008.  He also finished his doctorate degree in Maritime Educations major in Maritime Management at the same institution


After 21 years of sea going experience up to the highest position of Chief Engineer, he now holds the position of General Manager and Managing Director for Marine Operations with full Ship Management function of the Orophil Shipping International Co. Inc. He received various awards and merits including:


*    Outstanding Marine Engineer Award - 2005 - Professional Regulation Commission

*    Outstanding Marine Engineer Award- 2008- 1st Valenzuela Practicing

      Professional by the City of Valenzuela.      

*    Various Awards from VMA in the projects support in Maritime Academic

*    President - Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion - St. Gabriel the Archangel    


*    Founder and Trustee - Marine and Technical Superintendent Assn. of the Phils.

*    Affiliation in Maritime Management of Various Japanese owned vessels and 

      Philippine ship owners.