As a Management Company, we pattern these objectives to ensure our commitment to the safe and efficient operation of the ship. We are tasked to comply with the Local, National and International rules, government regulations and standards for the following purpose of the Code:  Mainly, our application of good management to vessels safety at sea, the prevention of human injury or loss of life, in order to avoid pollution and damaged to the environment and property.

We establish a Safety Management System for the category of:

Cement Carrier & Bulk Carrier Ships.

We had set procedures for the safe practices of ships operation and to its working environment. We include various plans, personnel duties; assess all identified risks to ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards and precautionary procedures, into an effective contingencies in  maintaining the safety management and the for the environment protection.

Our strong commitments are stated in our Safety Management Manuals and Procedures for the smooth implementation, maintenance, verification and continuous improvement of our Safety Management System including support and by providing the supply of the necessary resources to all our personnel.

We provide education and training including viable opportunities for our personnel’s to develop skills and advancements to their utmost of their capability in order to maintain their competence for the good maintenance of our designed system.    

We commit to comply with our defined Safety Management System procedures and to all our seafarers on board the managed vessels and at the same time to our shore-based personnel.



Engr. Alex S. Sobrevega